ASPORTUGUESAS are a new concept of footwear that does not leave bare the sustainability of the Planet. We are proudly the world's first cork flip-flops, a 100% natural raw material, which is born in a tree that is discarded every 9 years, without being cut .

The essence of ASPORTUGUESAS and the name of the brand are built on the pillars of the forest that gives them life ... The cork oak forest exists in Portugal and is at the base of one of the 36 hotspots of the world of biodiversity, plays an important role in the combating desertification and has an important CO2 retention capacity, every year the forests of cork oak hold up to 14 million tonnes of CO2, a precious aid for the reduction of greenhouse gases, the main source of climate change.

With ASPORTUGUESAS, be part of an environment-friendly community that wants to have a positive but positive footprint!

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