Local Memphis artist Alan Jacobs combines his formal education in geology to create stunning, one-of-a-kind necklaces. His pendants are made in his shop using lapidary and silver work techniques he has learned over the years. Utilizing his skills, Alan allows the natural shape and beauty of each stone to be the foundation of his designs.  To compliment the pendant's beauty, Cathie - Alan's wife - uses her fashion design background by adding beads from around the world, thus creating a truly unique necklace.

Alan and Cathie travel the country gathering stones such as petrified wood, quartz crystals, and geodes to use in their jewelry. Along their journeys they also go to rock and mineral markets buying from domestic and international merchants. 

"We create our jewelry to show how much natural beauty there is in the natural world. It gives us a great deal of satisfaction that when someone purchases a piece they are sharing our passion with nature."